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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Writers Block Production Collaborates With Mapsystems

Map Systems and Writers Block Production collabration, we are global leaders in Creative and Technology Solutions. We deliver the best in class-services through technology-enabled innovation and quality commitments to our clients and their partners. Read the full story here.


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Samantha Makes An A: Book and Game Review

After a particularly tough day in second grade Samantha tells her mom that she’s convinced she will fail because she doesn’t understand her math lesson. Samantha is stumped when it comes to measurements. Gallons, pints, teaspoons and tablespoons just don’t make sense to her.

I'm excited to announce that my new book and game, Samantha Makes An A, is now available at writersblockproduction.com. If you would like to be one of the first to read this new children's book and play the game before it goes on sale everywhere, add the coupon code Samantha for a free download only copy. We only ask that you leave your honest review. Here are the links for the game.
Apple Store: https://testflight.apple.com/join/c4gBCgXw
Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ranksol.samanthamakesana

Thank you,

Paula Perry


Thursday, November 26, 2020


Without a shadow of a doubt, 2020 has been filled with many challenges. We have all been blessed for many reasons and in different ways. Today, take time to reflect on your past Thanksgiving gatherings with family and friends and plan for future gatherings to come. Regardless if by Zoom or personal gatherings, enjoy this day with family and friends, and stay safe.

From our family to yours at Writers Block Production & Map Systems and M4Elevate.

Stay safe.

Paula Perry


Writers Block Production


Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Thank You Veterans

We are grateful to all that have served and that are currently serving this country so proudly. A special appreciation to the family and friends that have endured the backing of these superior men and women that we call American Soldiers. This country could not operate without the support of the contract personel as well. We salute you all. #Veteransday

Tuesday, October 20, 2020


“I was told that I didn’t know what I was doing. They were right. I cried, and those harsh words made me dig deeper to become the writer and businesswoman that I am today. Take lemons and make your own version of lemonade. Make it flavorful.” Paula Perry

EMBELLISHMENT:  The best advice for developing support and elaboration in narrative writing is “Show, don’t tell.” Good writers help their readers imagine the story by describing the action, providing sensory descriptions, and explaining characters’ thoughts and feelings. Poets are especially adept at using precise details to focus on specific, concrete, observable things or experiences. Some ways that writers use “show, don’t tell” can be best explained in examples of the following.

     Description of action:  Some writers often have difficulty elaborating on the action in their narratives. Many writers rush through the action in a story, condensing it into a few short sentences. Just as slow-motion replay helps television viewers understand the action in a sporting event, good writers can slow down a moment, breaking down an event into a moment-by-moment replay of the action. Learn to use slow-motion replays to slow down a moment and to use action chains to elaborate on the actions in a sentence.

     Description of physical states:  Good writers use sensory details to provide their readers with concrete images that help them construct a picture of what is happening in the story. Good writers use sensory details to show readers what things in their story look like, sound like, smell like, taste like, and feel like. Descriptions and comparisons can also help readers construct a picture by comparing the object being described to something they know. Learn to construct images with words by identifying the images in poetry and using guided imagination to construct their own word pictures.

     Descriptions of internal states: would you rather watch the movie than read the book? Books have an advantage over movies because they let the reader inside the characters’ thoughts and feelings. Beginning writers, though, often neglect to include either their own or their character’s thoughts and feelings when they write. Get inside the minds of the characters and reveal their inner thoughts and feelings. Take different perspectives by studying your characters and creating the mindset of people from different times, places, cultures, and backgrounds. Good writers also use dialogue to reveal a character’s personality, internal thoughts, and feelings and to provide background information about the story.






Tuesday, October 13, 2020



MAP Systems Collaborates with Writers Block Production, LLC with a view to taking ePublishing to its Next Level 


MAP Systems is proud to announce its collaboration with the renowned ePublishing and Digital venture Writers Block Production LLC, which is headed by CEO Paula Perry. The collaboration is believed to bring mutual benefits to both the organizations in the digital publishing domain. MAP Systems, which has strong roots in the global ePublishing landscape with its state-of-the-art eBook conversion, digital archiving, typesetting, video editing, 2D & 3D animation, AR & VR services, graphic designing, document scanning, and OCR conversion services, aims to serve the unique needs of Writers Block Production LLC.  


This collaboration is believed to be beneficial for both the companies in terms of marketing & promotions, enriched service delivery, the introduction of new services with common objectives, entry into new geographies, and serving customers in new markets by combining the competitive advantages of both the companies. “We are immensely hopeful about this partnership, which we think, would enhance our service portfolio and allow us to increase our customer base in geographies that we are yet to reach,” said Prasad Rao Kotnani, the CEO of MAP Systems.


Writers Block Production, LLC has now added streaming films, TV shows, and live video gaming to their creative service portfolio that includes app development and supporting the needs of creative communities consisting of movie directors, producers, film students, and writers. “Our goal is to publish and develop high-quality works of talented practical and committed individuals. Continue to focus on what makes you happy and invest in people who invest in you. We believe that the talents from MAP Systems would further enhance the contributions of our creative community”, says Paula Perry, the CEO of Writers Block Production LLC. 


About MAP Systems: Map Systems was founded in Bangalore, in 1993, as a DTP company. Since then it has forayed into diverse creative and technology domains and has gained a stronghold in fields such as graphic design, photo-editing, AR & VR, digital publishing, digital library, 3D designing, digital conversion, etc. 

Website: https://mapsystemsindia.com/ 


About Writers Block Production LLC: Writers Block Production LLC is an independent African American ePublishing and Digital company that publishes the works of creative people who might not have adequate funds to reach the audience through streaming, gaming, and publishing companies. The company specializes in publishing novels and in gaming apps for a wide range of applications. 

Website: https://writersblockproduction.com



Friday, October 2, 2020

Writers Block Production Launches Writers Block Kids

African-American ePublishing And Digital Company Writers Block Production, LLC Launches Writers Block Kids, A Collaboration With Studomatrix

(PRUnderground) September 28th, 2020


African-American ePublishing and digital company Writers Block Production, LLC is launching Writers Block Kids, a collaboration with StudoMatrix of New Delhi, India.

The purpose of the partnership is to offer 13 different programs to 25,000 students across 13 European companies, with the goal of enhancing students’ writing and game development skills. Writers Block Production will also serve as the publishing and production company for the students’ books and app games.

Writers Block Production’s President & CEO, Paula Perry, says the company is involved in ePublishing, eCards creation, and software and app game development.

Perry says the company embraces contemporary topics. Most recently, the company completed a project to develop gaming apps from a children’s book. “Our goal is to publish and develop high-quality offerings,” she says. Writers Block Production has already garnered approval from Roku, Amazon Prime, and several additional streaming services.

Writers Block Production recently annexed to Writers Block Kids, and added streaming films, TV shows, and live video gaming to their services. Now movie directors, producers, film students, and writers can submit their animated short films, movies, and documentaries.

Writers Block Production also operates Voices Without, a platform to serve a range of talented, committed creative artists who lack funds to align with streaming, gaming, and publishing companies. “Our work with them allows them to continue to focus on what makes them happy, and partner with people who invest in them.”

Perry says, “I was frustrated when I completed my first novel with working so hard to get my foot in the publishing house’s door. I know other people are facing the same battle trying to get their creative work out into the world.”

Perry’s own children’s books and games include publications include The Hot Cross Bun, My Aunt Is A Witch, Ms. Paula’s Garden, and Samantha Makes An A. Her romance novels include Inner Turmoil, Hard Love (Part One), Hard Love (Part Two), Romance Of A Lifetime (Part One), Romance Of A Lifetime (Part Two). And The Self-Help Guide For The Enthusiastic Writer.

Sparsh Rastogi, Director of Studomatrix, a platform for students to pursue holistic development, skill enhancement, and character growth, heard about Writers Block Production and initiated talks about a collaboration to provide students the opportunity to have their short films, culinary, and other programs showcased on Writers Block’s streaming channels.

Falit Sijariya, Founder and President of Studomatrix, in addition to being a social activist, political analyst, and educationist, says Studomatrix’s mission is to equip students to unleash their potential, show their talents, and apply the skills they’ve developed. The organization aims to fulfill the ideas and aspirations of students.

The Studomatrix program is free for anyone for all ages 13-18. Sijariya leads 25,000 students from more than 150 cities across India. He is committed to building a global community that contributes to providing opportunities for students to rise to their full potential. 

Sijariya also directs Diplomatron, where he’s conducted a series of workshops in partnership with United Nations bodies including SDG and UN HeForShe. He’s provided subject matter expertise to the UN Deputy Secretary General regarding climate change and desertification. Sijariya has worked closely with Members of Parliament and Ministers in India for the past several years. 

About Writers Block Production

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